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Amy Krueger- author and more

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ASI-A Soft Impeachment

Derek and Abbi's story

In a shocking move towards independance, Abbi Hamilton takes a job as a nanny for famed record producer, Derek Alexander.  Abbi's parents and boyfriend were against her choice, her sister, Stephanie was supportive if not apprehensive.
     Derek's wife had left him two years prior, to find herself.  He was alone raising two young boys.  Derek's first nanny had recently gotten married and Abbi was inadvertenly offered the nanny position during a parent/teacher conference.
      After moving away from her parents, Abbi begins to bloom, just like one of the rose that her mother obsessively tends to.
      Abbi finds herself, her niche as a photographer, and love with Derek.
     Don't think that this romance is ride off into the sunset happy.  It's just getting good.  When Abbi is ready to begin another chapter of her life, two things happen that make her question her future with Derek.
     Read A Soft Impeachment  to find out more.

Coming soon--Divine Providence